Welcome to the personal homepage for Luis and Traci Oms and their growing family. This site is hopefully going to be a place where you can keep up with the goings-on of this small Oms family.

Please feel free to browse around and tell us what you think. Under the About Us section, you will find blogs presented by each member of the family. Under audio, you’ll find different audio that we’ve collected or recorded over the years. Under photos, you’ll see the latest pictures we have of the family. And under videos, you can find clips from various vidoes of the family in action.

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The Family


Luis (aka Lou) is a man of many talents and hobbies. During the day he is a lead developer, enjoying the challenge of mentoring and guiding teams as they solve problems and create new tools. By night, he enjoys some of his many hobbies, including photography, sports, music, and of course Disney Parks.

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Traci is the household manager. In her free time she has served as the School Board Chairperson for Louisville Adventist Academy for the last 5 years, and often can be found there serving the school however she’s needed. 3 years ago she began also teaching music, and building out a stronger music program. She enjoys also serving the Middletown SDA Church each week with her talents on piano.


Susie Oms

Mikey Oms
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