Memories of a Saint

For years we have said that my Grandma (affectionately known as Ma to everyone) should be given Sainthood for her patience with my Grandfather. Stories of torment, like being chased with a dead mouse around the house, are well known and legendary in our family. Ma was a kind soul, a quick witt, and a known worrier. She taught us that family is of great importance, and love for each other will help you get through those worries. She has been in declining health, and on Friday, August 22 she passed away. All of her 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren will miss her, I’m sure of it.

While it’s sad to loose a lifetime matriarch, I have to stop and think… I’ve been blessed with 33 years with her. Some of my cousins had more, my brother and sister only a little less. My daughter even got the special gift of getting to know her (though she will not remember Ma), but Ma knew who Susie was, and that’s just as important. So many people have had far less with a parent much less a grandparent. I got to spend every summer with her. Every Christmas was shared at her homes in New Orleans or Tampa. I have many many memories, enough that she will never be forgotten.

And while I know she’s sleeping now, I know she will wake also. She will be woken when God comes, and I will get to spend even more than another 33 years with her. After all, remember, she is a Saint.

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