Building A New Blog

So for years, I’ve had a blog here on my website. Originally I thought it would be worth the effort to create/manage the code myself. I began by using the BlogEngine.NET template and modified from there, adding my own custom skin and views to it. Eventually, I was very pleased with how it looked, and thought “well done”.

Now, 3 years later after my last post I realized the error of my ways. While a custom built website was cool, the interface to create new posts was sorely lacking and highly limited. I have struggled with the idea for years now if I should throw the time into improving the code or just chucking it and starting over. I’ve finally come to a decision… let’s start over.

Enter Blogger.

Ever since I moved my email management to Google Apps, I’ve thought about moving my blog to Blogger. Since I can create blogs based off my Google Apps account, the interface for Blogger is solid and intuitive, and I don’t have to manage it’s code… so it seemed like a no-brainer. One problem, I don’t want to simply link to it from the website. This is where my coding background comes in. I’m going to write my own UI that consumes the RSS feed from my blog on blogger, and incorporates it directly into my personal page. Sounds easy right? Well, lets just say we’re not done yet.

Bottom line, things are going to be changing around here. Hopefully soon, you’ll see that the effort is worth it. The blog will become active again, and I’ll have my site and flexibility too. Thanks for sticking with me, it will be worth it soon enough.

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