Go West Young Man

For those who haven’t heard yet, Traci, Susie, and I are heading west. Long story short, we’ve been given an opportunity to move near some of our best friends, as well as a great job opportunity. So we said yes, and are moving next week to Louisville, KY. Over 4th of July weekend we made a trip out to do some house hunting, and were very fortunate to find a beautiful home. I figured I’d take you on a tour of our new home. (these pictures are ones taken for the listing of our house, so this is not our furniture, and probably not how we’ll decorate).

Front of house

Standing on the front sidewalk, you have to look up to see our home. The house is built on a pretty steep hill, with the driveway to our right as it enters the 2 car garage on the side. On top of the retaining wall is a walkway up to our front door.

As you step through the front door you’ll see to your left what will probably be a music room (great place for a piano), the stairs to the second floor are in front of you, and just to the right of the stairs is the main hall to the living room and kitchen. AS you walk down the hall you’ll pass doors to the Half-Bath, Basement , and Garage (plus a closet I think).


When you enter the great room, the Kitchen will be to your left, the Breakfast Nook in front of you, and the living room to the right. The kitchen is large and we can’t wait to have space for EVERYTHING in our cabinets. The breakfast nook has a wonderful view of our back yard. And the living room is very open and spacious, with a gas fireplace and plenty of windows. There is also a door between the Breakfast Nook and the living room which goes outside to a small deck and a beautiful back yard.

Formal Dining Room Now we’re going to go through the kitchen to the formal dining room. It’s surprisingly big with a large doorway to the Music Room, in case of overflow during meals. Our only complaint here is the ugly chandelier… we’re going to try and change that somehow. As we continue around the first floor we’re back in the Music Room, off the front Foyer.

Front Hallway from upstairs Let’s head upstairs. As you reach the landing, if you turn to the right you see the master bedroom.

We have a lot of space, a built in fireplace, storage in the eaves, plus a large master bath with his-and-hers closets. What a wonderful thing!
Small BedroomGuest Bath The small bedroom next to the master will be used as a nursery, and has one of the 2 doors to the upstairs guest bathroom (the other door comes from the hall).

At the opposite end of the hallway you’ll find the last 2 bedrooms, though we’ll probably use the Green one for our office, since it has a wonderful view of our back yard, and the Red one as our guest bedroom.

The back yard is a little sloped, but not nearly like the front. We love the trees that go right up to our fence line, which with help from the house, will provide shade to our back yard through most of the day.

So that’s going to be our Home. As you see, we’re very blessed, and look forward to starting a new life in KY.

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