Luis Traveling

Well I haven’t found a Job yet, but I’m not un-employed. In the mean time, the company I’ve been working for has asked me to stay on till I find something, flying down to Orlando, FL for work Tuesday – Thursday and working from home on Monday and Friday. I’m not sure how long this will last, but for at least the next 6 weeks, this is what I will do. So Traci has given me permission to get a Walt Disney World Annual Pass, allowing me to play at the parks every evening of my stays down there. I’m hoping to take advantage of my trips to gather new information for my Disney World website. As for the work I will be doing, it will be similar to the work I’ve been doing for them while they were here in Raleigh, NC, except this time instead of working on applications for the web, our application will be for a windows desktop, so I’m pretty excited about this experience. Unfortunately I still won’t have benefits, but that will come soon… I hope.

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