Quick spring vacation

Traci and I just returned from a short 5 day trip to Tampa to visit her parents. It was a very pleasant time (physically and mentally). The weather was just so nice and comfortable, with temps not much above mid 80 and not very humid. It was also just good to see our families, even if it was only for a few days.

We arrived late Wednesday, and just went strait home and to bed, because the next morning was going to be spent at Adventure Island (a Busch Gardens water park). We had a lot of fun, but with it not being very crowded we were actually done with the park by 3 in the afternoon and just headed home to relax for the evening. Friday, we all headed to the outlet malls for some new clothes, and spent the evening with some friends. Sabbath was church and potluck. Sunday, we got together with the Oms’ in Tampa for a birthday celebration for my Grandma (eight-three I believe). On Monday, Traci and I planned to just relax at home by the pool, but that was kind of thwarted by a client of Traci’s that demanded her time for most of the day. When Tuesday arrived, neither one of us was ready to go home, but we had to return. I was back at work after lunch that day, and we will have to hold on to our dreams of relaxation till later this summer. *sigh*

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