Father’s Day / Mike & Wembe’s wedding

This year, we double dipped on Father’s Day. We combined our trip to Washington, DC to see my family with a wedding on Sunday of our good friends, who have been dating for the past 7 years! Let’s just say it was a joyous celebration.

On Sabbath, we made it to my Dad’s house just in time for lunch. The plans were to eat something light so we would still be hungry for a bar-b-cue in a couple hours that we were hosting. A few friends and family were coming over just to be together since Jeremy was back from California, and Traci & I were up from NC. The food was good, but the company was great. We laughed and joked for about 4 hours on a hot summer afternoon in DC. After the last person left, we took everything back inside and spent the evening watching a movie in the basement. 
The next morning, we got up and pretty much prepared for the wedding at 11:30 AM. The service was beautiful. Mike, you are definitely one of a kind. I can never say I’ve seen the groom come in to the theme from Mission Impossible, and the wedding party recess to the theme from Star Wars. The reception also was a blast, and was still going after we left at 5 PM to try and catch Ryan (the young man who sang with Ariane at our wedding). We were able to finally thank him for singing, and then headed for home.

On the way home we made one quick detour, to visit Papa’s Camp. It was a lot of fun to show Traci around the camp, explaining where we would go and what we did while down there every summer. It just brought back a ton of memories. Here’s hoping we can create some memories for our children there someday.

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