Puerto Rico Vacation Report – Day 2 A day at Playa Santa

We are woken early by Susie who at 6AM decides the suns up, she should be also. I pop up with her and we head to the living room so Traci can sleep some. Everyone else is sleeping in their rooms (Jeremy and Michelina on bunk beds in on room, Dad in the other room on a queen bed). Everyone else wakes (everyone that is but Michelina), and the morning begins with no fanfare. Jeremy heads down for an early swim at the beach, and Traci, Susie, and I get ready and join him. Dad comes down a little later. 

We couldn’t wait to get Susie in the water, which was pleasantly cool. Her first touch wasn’t very happy, kind of startled by the cool water. She spends most of her first moments kind of grimacing, and fussing a bit but eventually she warms up to it. The beach is slowly filling with people, and after about 30 minutes, Susie has had enough. So we head back to our pool, only to find it’s hidden in the shade by the building. So we end up returning to the condo for breakfast and just some relaxation. The AC’s running from the bedrooms are doing a decent job of cooling the entire condo.

After breakfast, Susie goes down for a nap. Lou and Traci opt to join her, while everyone else heads down to the beach for some fun in the midday sun. It’s crowded (since it’s Memorial weekend) so Traci and I don’t miss too much. 

That afternoon we get together with our cousins, Jose and Ilka, and her mom Titi Nene for dinner and some socializing. Jose is a fount of knowledge, and Ilka keeps him humble. It was a great evening, with good food, and great company.

We return to the condo late in the evening, and that was our second day in PR.

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