Puerto Rico Vacation Report – Day 4 Sometimes the best layed plans…

It’s Day 4, and Susie is once again awake at 6AM. It’s my turn this time, so we head out to the living room. While playing, Jeremy comes out and runs to the bathroom, multiple times before anyone else gets up. He’s sick. We’re not sure if it was something he ate, or if he picked up a flu, but we’re not going anywhere today. 

Instead we opt to have a day at the beach. So after breakfast, Traci, Susie, Michelina, and I all head down for some fun in the surf. The beach is a mess from all the people that were there the past two days, but the water is refreshing as always. This time, Susie loves the water and happily plays for an hour in the surf. We play around with Michelina’s water-proof camera, getting pictures of Susie in the surf, but eventually we’re chased inside by a storm. 
We spend the rest of the day napping and playing around the condo. Jeremy starts feeling better by the evening. And the day ends with a spectacular sunset this time. We enjoy it from our condo balcony, looking out over the water at the mountains in the distance. We were sorry Jeremy got sick, but the day ended up being just what we needed. Tomorrow, we have a lot planned as far as stops along the way as we head across the island back towards San Juan, so it’s going to be a long day. 

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