Puerto Rico Vacation Report – Day 9 Returning Home

Sunday morning breaks the same as we’ve been having on this trip. Susie doesn’t need to sleep in, not here, there’s just too much to see. So Traci initially get’s up with her. However, I can’t get back to sleep, so I trade off and let her catch a bit more sleep. Once everyone wakes up, we head down to the beach for one last swim before heading for the airport. The surf is still high and fun, and the weather is a bit drizzly, but it’s not going to stop us on our last day.

After splashing in the surf, and riding the waves for hours, we head up to the pool for a few minutes. We splash around in the pool, but opt to leave shortly cause of a looming dark cloud. Also, we still had packing to do if we were going to leave by 1 to get to the airport and stop by Luquillo Beach. So with a frenzied pace, we shower, pack, and eat lunch. Unfortunately, it took us too long, so we opt not to go to the beach, and instead head on to the airport.

We make it to the airport with no issues. Dad drops all of us with the luggage at the terminal while he goes to return the car. Traci and I go ahead and check in while Susie waits with Michelina and Jeremy. When dad arrives and goes to check in, again we run into an issue where I’m checked in, and he can’t. After a little explaining, they finally get it sorted out again, and we’re off to the security line, and then to our flight.

The return trip doesn’t go quite as good, but we can’t complain. Susie was awake for the takeoff, but this time she gets a bit upset. She ends up nursing for almost an hour, but after that she’s golden. The landing is perfect, and Susie doesn’t complain again. Unfortunately, Dad’s sick. So we catch a sky cab, and they drop us off at the exit before taking the rest of the family to their gate. An hour later, we’re in our car and heading for home.

What an amazing vacation. I have to say, Puerto Rico wasn’t what I expected, but it was still a lot of fun. I am very glad we did it, and did it with the family. Thank you Spike for a great trip. We all really appreciate it.

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