Thanksgiving in Oklahoma

As has been a Hagele/Hierich tradition, we got together for Thanksgiving with Barbara’s family in Okeene, Oklahoma. We flew out Wednesday afternoon and made it to Oklahoma City by about 7 that evening. We went to dinner at an Italian restaurant not far from the airport (VERY GOOD) and then off to Okeene. It’s about a 2 hour drive to the house, so we were off.

The next morning began with a flurry of cooking in the kitchen. Everyone is coming at 2PM for Thanksgiving dinner, so we have to hurry. Tana is there with our new Nephew Joey, while Ben stayed home with Steve this time.

As everyone begins to arrive, food is served into dishes and placed on the table. We’re about 20 strong, all talking and laughing. This is how Thanksgiving is meant to be shared.

After dinner, we go outside to see Mike’s new bike (Mike is Traci’s oldest cousin). Everyone then begins to pack up and head home for naps or chores on the farm. Soon, it’s just Traci’s parents, Tana, Joey, Traci, and me left as we relax with football and passing the baby. Shortly after sunset, we go to the football field nearby for a walk, to burn off some of those calories, the football team arrives for one last practice before their big game on Saturday (they’re ranked in the area… GO WHIPPETS!)

Friday arrives and we get to relax today, not much to do. I go play golf with one of Traci’s cousins, while Traci joins the girls and goes through some of her grandma’s things.

On Sabbath, the cousins join us for church in the living room. We have lunch together and just enjoy each others company.

Before we know it, Sunday is here and it’s time for us to pack and head home. We load Tana up with some stuff from Grandma’s house and tie it down with a tarp and string. We nicknamed it the Redneck-Moving-Van (small pickup with stuff jammed in, tied down, and covered in rolls of duct-tape). We get her off and head to Rod and Patties for Brunch and some time together. Then Traci and I have to be off to the airport, and back to our home sweet home.

I love the Holidays, just not the traveling part.

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