An Extraordinary Day

Today was much like any other day. I got up, went in to work, and read all my emails like I typically would after a holiday weekend. There was one major difference. Today, I was leaving at 2:30 to meet Traci at UNC hospital for our 18-week an ultrasound, and for those that don’t know, this is when you might find out the sex.

So 2:30 finally rolled around, and I ran to my car and raced to the UNC campus to meet Traci. She drove herself, and was there only minutes before me, however, I couldn’t find a parking spot and drove around the garage for 10 minutes. As I’m walking into the women’s hospital, Traci calls me and says she’s back in the exam room already. I walk strait back to find her already on the bed, and our sonographer Stephanie just getting started.

There’s our baby, on the screen. Man has it grown since the last time we saw it. Stephanie takes a bunch of pictures, measuring the femur, head, and abdomen, and confirms the age is 18 weeks 4 days (1 day off of what they originally measured) which just confirms the estimated due date of October 26. Then she gets a good view of the baby’s back side, and smiles. She knows what we’re having, and asks us if we’d like to know. Traci and I don’t even hesitate, and shout “YES!”. IT’S A GIRL! She’s very confident in this, and points out what she’s seeing. Traci and I are very happy at this point, though Traci has psyched herself up to having a boy (so she wouldn’t be disappointed if she did get one) so she ends up being a bit disappointed that it is a girl after all. It’s silly really. In any case, we’re both ecstatic.

Stephanie continues, taking more measurements… 10 oz… 7 inches long… 152 beats/min… it’s a healthy looking baby girl. The doctor reviews the information and agrees and we’re off to celebrate. Me and my two girls… Traci and Susan Elizabeth. Susan was my mom’s name, and Elizabeth is Traci’s Mom’s middle name.

Amazing how in the span of 45 minutes, an ordinary day can become extraordinary!

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