Puerto Rico Vacation Report – Day 6 More Beaches and an Old City

Thursday began as usual with Susie waking around 6AM. So I hop up and take her to the living room. The morning is pretty, and the weather is supposed to be nice today. Shortly after getting up, Dad get’s up too, and we setup a blanket on the tile floor where Susie can play, and hopefully if she topples over, she won’t hurt herself. 

Today’s plans are to play in the beach in the morning, and head to Old San Juan and see some of the sites in the afternoon. After everyone get’s up, we head down to the beach at Playa Azul. This beach is really awesome. Luquillo, which is just around the bend from us, is very calm and shallow, but our beach actually has waves from the Atlantic Ocean. There was also a storm last night, so the surf is especially high. In addition, the sand is nothing like anything I’ve seen before. It’s actually almost soft to walk on. No shells. This beach is just fun. 
Since the surf seems a bit too much for Susie, we take turns sitting with her in the sand, where the waves almost stop. She jumps and bounces happily in the sand, and enjoys the water, while everyone else body surfs in the waves. After an hour or so of that, we decide to head to the pool for a bit of quiet time before going back upstairs. The Pool is wonderful, and Susie takes to it like a fish. She happily splashes and kicks and even sticks her face in the water. Unfortunately, we should get her down for a nap if we want to go anywhere, so reluctantly we all head back upstairs for lunch and a nap for Susie. 
When she FINALLY wakes up around 4, we quickly get ready and try to get to Old San Juan before everything closes (which we didn’t do). By the time we got down there, all the forts were closed, and the tourist sites are locked up for the day. 
So we wander around the small cobble-stone streets, just soaking in the city. We park near the pier on the south side of the city, so we load up and strike out to see what we can see. We head for the north-west point, where El Castillo San Felipe del Morro lies. We wander through a couple of squares, seeing some of the old buildings and people of the city. As we get to the fort, darkness is filling the sky, and the lights illuminate the outer walls at the other end of the long grassy knoll. We make our way out to the fort (which has been closed for a couple hours now) and get a great view of Old San Juan, and the new San Juan across the bay. 
It’s getting late, and we’re hungry, so we go in search of a restaurant suggested in our guide books. We find it, and are treated VERY well, and we feast on Tapas, and just enjoy our evening.

After dinner, we have a 5 block hike back to the car, and from there a 30 minute ride back to our condo. Again, we all just pretty much head to bed, since Susie will probably wake early again tomorrow. *sigh*

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