Puerto Rico Vacation Report – Day 7 More family and all the Paella you can eat

Friday starts like every other day, with an early morning for Susie. Today we are supposed to get together with our other cousins Luisito and all of his family for the afternoon. So the morning is ours. Some head down to the beach. Others opt to hang out in the condo. Once Susie wakes from her morning nap, we head into San Juan to find Luisito’s house.

Luisito and his wife Migali have a wonderful home that they open up to us. When we arrive, most of the grandkids are already in the pool. We get to meet Michelle, Luis Javier, and Nicole. Ingrid will arrive later, and the last one to show up is Laura who is actually flying in that afternoon with her new husband. There is something about their family, because instantly, we feel like we’ve always been a part of it, even though for most of us “kids” it’s the first time we’ve even met. Luisito prepares a huge paella for us. Two in fact, one with seafood, and one with just chicken. They also share some fresh fried breadfruit. Lunch was wonderful. After lunch, come more swimming. The whole family gets into the pool and splashes for hours. 
Finally we have to say goodbye, as little Susie is tuckered out. It was a wonderful afternoon, and we look forward to seeing the whole family again sometime. 

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